About Me

My sailor and me
My sailor and I

So who is behind this whole thing, you ask?

My name is Nicole White. I have been with my sailor for 10 years. During that time, while I have learned a lot, I realize I don’t know it all. I have enlisted the help of many other spouses, resources and guides to help produce this website – and I am still reaching out!

My sailor and I: We are just the normal couple – we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and big life events, but when we can. We have fun exploring our homes and sharing this nomadic lifestyle with our son. Our hobbies are travel (of course!), lots of movies and occasionally he will get me to play a board game with him.

We have been to 3 duty stations, 2 1/2 deployments (it CAN happen), 1 individual augmentee assignment, buying our first home purchase and the birth of our son. My husbands career will be taking him through at least the next ten years and I can imagine the adventures to come! I hope that you will join me in this journey.

Just normal people
Just the normal couple

As for professional work, I am a freelance writer and communication manager for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits. Writing for their websites, blogs and other materials that are distributed to their audiences is my dream job AND I can take it where my military travels take me.


Want to help military spouses? Even if you are not one yourself, drop me a line: nicole@writingbetweenlines.com.


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