And we say our ‘see you laters’…

Once again, we are bidding farewell to their daddy, my husband, my rock…It’s always the same story. He packs out the last night before, heads out early in the morning and calls me to say he forgot something.

I love that man.

He’s so distracted in giving our oldest son hugs and telling him to “listen to mommy” and our youngest son a kiss and snuggle, that he forget his phone. I mean, I leave my phone and I panic…this was impressive.

But the day went on as any other first day of the underway; I was scattered, emotional and everything made me go into survival mode. Its called the Cycle of Deployment (even if it’s not a full on, 6 month deployment…these emotions still exist). Often times, I create my island and retreat for the day, or week to handle these alone. But, I wanted to share for those who may want to know you are NOT alone.

And with that, I became the military spouse that I had been “trained” to be…I got busy…maybe a little too busy. But, you do what you can do get by, you pick yourself up when you feel the most down, and you are there to be strong when your servicemember returns. I find strength in helping others, providing a shoulder to cry on and often just a listening ear.

It never gets easier. Even after nearly 12 years of “see you later”, it’s not any easier. Although I do have to say, having the kiddos this time around really keeps me focused. Let’s get through it together!


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