Why this is going to be different

When my son came along, I was working a great job on my way to a wonderful career that I was finally satisfied with – but I wanted to be home with him. It was a gut wrenching decision to move, but the orders came for Connecticut and my world changed again. We moved from our first home we had ever bought to a small duplex in the Northeast to brave the winters with a toddler. I created a new business idea that would only be successful with determination and willingness to put in the time.

Now – I have a portable career that I can and will put on hold until I am ready to pick it back up again. I have clients that will understand and be supportive, and I have a home I am becoming proud of every day.

This time – this baby – will be brought into a world where I can really have it all and enjoy them, their brother, their father and have my career, when I am ready.

That’s right folks, G is getting a little baby brother or sister November 2015!

2015-04-17 14.04.52

And I’ve got a plan {when do I not!?!} on how this will be different as a second time mom. Here are my thoughts:

1: Maternity Leave

While I originally planned for my son’s maternity leave on THE due date I was given, needless to say I was incredibly surprised when he arrived two weeks early. This time, my maternity leave, will start several weeks before and last longer – this is a HUGE benefit of working virtually. I get to determine my schedule and how I want to work, which includes when I’d like to return to work. Which leads me to my second point…

2: Bringing Home Baby

Going into this second child is like going from skates to roller blades, it will be a little off balance for a while, but the general concept is the same: keep moving forward. While every baby is different, I have a much better understanding of what babies need in the first few days, weeks and months. With my son being SUCH a good listener {crap, I hope that doesn’t jinx it} and a good amount of help, I can find a rhythm quicker than I was able to with G.

3: The Gear!

Oh-My-Goodness! The gear we bought and received from wonderful family and friends was amazing, but you realize that you don’t necessarily need all that stuff! Plus, the things I did use like my pump, baby bath and booster seats are still in wonderful condition! After cleaning out my storage of these things, I did find that I would use each and every item again. That is of course, if the baby is a girl – clothes will have to be a whole different long discussion.

4: The clothes

While a girl will be different, there isn’t much I’d need to change to dress her – G has clothes through 2 years so far! I’ve even thought that adding a cute bow {she will have plenty!} I can make anything work for those first few months. 🙂

All in all – I am more prepared, yet terrified at the same time about this new little addition to our family.

If you have more than one child, how did you manage the transition? Let me know below!


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