Wine Tasting

Yep! We are those people. But hear me out…After receiving a great Groupon deal (p.s. where most of our adventures will originate), we couldn’t pass up the beautiful weather that was going to be had that day. So, we packed our must haves and headed to Langworthy Winery for a tour followed by tasting. We called ahead, which I always recommend you do, to ensure that the tour guides were okay with young children. In this case, they said to bring him along. My husband and I decided should there be an issue, we would individually remove ourselves.

And this is what happened.

The baby was not having it on several occasions, and began to cry. My husband or myself stepped away and distracted him, to return when the crying stopped. This worked throughout the tour – and we actually compared notes from what the tour guide taught while either was away! So this made for great conversation heading home.

The tasting was at a large table in a small tasting room, so naturally we chose to alternate with the baby and only was he comfortable, and eating palette cleansing crackers or his Stars we’re we together. We mingled and talked with a grandma who doted on the baby as she would have her own grandchildren and we enjoyed our outing that day.
Unfortunately, the reason we went initially – the weather – was not as great as we anticipated. But we ended up purchasing several bottles of wine to take home.
It was not all lost. There are PLENTY of wineries in the area, and even a program called the Connecticut Wine Trail for those looking for a project to tackle.

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