New York City

Travel Time: approx. 3 hours


There are a few different ways to get to NYC. The most popular is to drive to the New Haven train station and hop on a train to Grand Central Station. Here is the terminal website where you can pre-purchase tickets (especially helpful when you are running a bit late). A round trip ticket will run about $30 and the military discount is only on-site. You have to ask and sometimes, the agents are familiar with this – the military “deal” is round trip for a one-way way ticket. If you don’t get it, don’t sweat it – there are plenty of free and discounted things in NYC to check out!

Searching Google, you will find plenty of lists for these types of deals, but I prefer a hard book I can take with me (trust: you may benefit from not needing to use your phone the whole time.) This is the book I have and use regularly.

The second viable travel option is to drive into the city or directly outside of the city, park and take the subway (a true New York experience). Using the parking websites out there (personally, I’ve used this one a few times very successfully), you can schedule your trip around being very close to your vehicle.

The third option is to stay in the city, drive directly or take the train into town. This is probably the most desired option, as you can imagine there is so much to see that you cannot get it all in one day.


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