Kids Quest/Mohegan Sun Casino

When you think of a date night in the area, it’s hard to imagine braving the casinos your first time. I assure you, it is well worth the trip! We ventured out there on a whim with my sister, G and husband. We wanted to see what it was all about and possibly, what kind of other activities are available besides just gambling. I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of restaurants, including what has become on of our favorite date spots: Tuscany. My husband is very into Italian, and they serve a wonderful tiramsui.
What I was even more surprise about was their child care facility, KidsQuest. This place looked like such a fun place to be! At $10.50 – $11.50 per hour based on ages, it’s not cheap, but worth every penny. Their security is next to none, with measures beyond what you can expect at your traditional child care facility. With two sets of doors to cross through before entering the facility after check in, neither opens together as your child waits in the middle for the next door to open. This allows control from the running child! Secondly, your child’s bag is diligently inventoried and labeled to ensure you leave with everything you came with, excluding those pesky diapers. They also have options for meal time, play area (which is like a Dave and Busters for kids) and a baby room that is quiet and away from the chaos.
Ask for a tour before you commit and always ask for a military discount.
All in all, we loved attending this facility and had an even more fun time with our son being steps away from us.
At the time of publication, the manager was a former military wife and was always willing to work with families and FRG’s, alike.

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