Groton Public Library

In the middle of the winter, it was hard for this California girl to be stuck in the house with an 8 month old. I had to get out and explore my new home! The most obvious and appropriate choice was the <a title=”Groton Public Library” href=”; target=”_blank”>local library</a>. This served a dual purpose, you see. First, my son loves books. Maybe it is just the colorful pictures, but I really honestly think he likes to open and close the books with this new found talent! Second, I am able to find a whole mess of resources that the library hosts. Here’s what the Groton Public Library offers (and the calendar changes regularly).
<div><a href=”;curApp=events&#8221; target=”_blank”>EVENTS CALENDAR</a></div>
<div>My son especially like their Story Art Program. He was even featured on their <a title=”GPL Facebook Page” href=”; target=”_blank”>Facebook page</a> because he was having so much fun!</div>


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