Alice Acres Farm and Ice Cream

You wouldn’t expect this 20 acre farm in the middle of the town of Ledyard, but you are driving around trying to find it and bam! There is is, right off the main road.
A farm that has been in the family for generations as a gift from the British Government, the family that owns Alice Acres, and the Cows & Cones ice cream shop, is wonderful! The owner, farmer Pete (?) is always glad to host families and loves to see the little ones running around to meet their animals. Currently, they have two cows, a few pigs, chickens, and bunnies that call Alice Acres home. Our son, at 12 months, had a blast as he was learning to walk and seeing those cows for the first time up close.
They also have an ice cream shop on site that makes delicious treats perfect for the summer heat. And, my favorite part of all, hay rides in the fall! A true New England experience.
Alice Acres opens the end of April 25 through October.

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