More than just food…

My husband and I were having a conversation before Grayson arrived about how we wanted to raise him. We have both had wonderful experiences with our own parents, and used that as guidelines, of course.

We also talked about how we want him to grown up in a safe environment, healthy – like we had become, free of toxins, and be debt free…This was a big one for us. After reading Dave Ramsey’s book, we likened his 7 Baby Steps to how we had gotten rid of the unhealthy foods in our lives and created a new lifestyle….not diet. It just seemed to make sense that the new lifestyle we had created should include a healthy financial one as well.

We were both taught the value of money, but still somehow got into a little more debt than we wanted. So enter Baby Step #1 – the “Debt Snowball”. In November 2012, we made a commitment to get ourselves out of debt and be able to move to Baby Step #2 – Build an Emergency Savings. With a little one on the way and the uncertainty of a military career, we did not know where we would be in 6 months, a year or two. We needed to get rid of that weight on our shoulders to the tune of (I am embarrassed to say – about $30,000).

I am proud to say that we are very close to getting rid of all debt, except for our mortgage…which will come in time. My student loans and one credit card remain (a total of about $10,000)…it’s going to feel so good to send that final check in on my student loans – a mere 7 1/2 years after graduation…In order to obtain this goal, we have made many sacrifices. The usual not eating out as much, going on less trips, saving gas, etc. What we found we that, as Dave says, we can live like no one else now to live like no one else later.

But I wanted to do it faster – just get rid of it! So, while on maternity leave I looked for a way to supplement our income during and after my leave. I found an amazing company that will allow me to do just that. I work from home, as often or as little as I want: I market for a manufacturer of wellness products and help set up customers accounts. It could not be easier!

I have been so blessed to not only find a way to allow us to be debt-free, but also a company that sells the very products I am looking to use in my home? Who could ask for more?

If you would like to know how working with my team would change your life please contact me. I look forward to talking with you!


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