Keepin’ up with baby

Since my last posts, we have welcomed our first child, Grayson. He’s just precious and really….you can quote me now…an easy baby. That being said, I will probably eat my words in a few weeks when I have to go back to work. But, that is life and I am sure it will work out just fine as long as I plan what I can. My whole experience in the two months since Grayson has joined our family has been fates cruel experiment in requiring me to let go of the control.

I’m still working on it.

But one thing I do have control over is my eating habits. I am so excited that I developed the skills before having him because it’s just a part of my life now. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on junky food that I thought was good for me (whole wheat, low fat…blah blah blah), we now spend the majority of our grocery budget on meats, veggies and yummy fats! Yep, I said it…fats. 🙂

Since today is grocery shopping day, I thought I’d share our list. My husband does the grocery shopping, because he loves it as I think it’s just another chore. Here is a sample:
Meat (2 – 3 weeks worth allowing for leftovers and/or frozen meals)
Celery (yummy with Peanut Butter)
Broccoli (baked, broiled or sauteed, always in olive oil or butter with LOTS of garlic)
Lettuce, spinach, etc….Always fresh from the farmers market
Various Squashes (did you know all the different squashes out there?!?)
Canned veggies (for those “don’t want to cook” nights)
Cauliflower (Now, I HATE the taste by itself…but as a mash with again, LOTS of garlic, milk, butter and cheese, yummy!! Cook it like you would mashed potatoes)
Milk (only Vitamin D – it has less natural sugar and I only use it for my almond flour pancakes)
Cheese (any and all…I put it on everything)
Cold Cuts (fresh from the butcher)
Heavy Whipping Cream (I’m a coffee fanatic and put this in my coffee every morning. We also make our own fresh whipped cream for various sweet treats we will bake)
GC Control Shake (Not sure what it stands for, but it’s specific to controlling insulin issues and is safe for everyone. It is FULL of protein and fiber – this counts as my mid-morning snack :))
Eggs (LOTS – in fact, we purchase 5 dozen every two weeks. And we have the healthiest cholesterol rates we have ever had.)
Granola Bars (I love Melaleucas’ because they have a great taste and are full of fiber – a must when you are replacing the bard carbs with more complex. But again, I eat these in moderation)

That’s pretty much it – plus or minus some things here and there…I feel the difference the second I think I can “reintroduce” carbs or wheat…And for us, it’s never worth it.


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