Life gets in the way

As we experience in many facets of life, it tends to get in the way of things we want/need to do….specifically eating well. I tend to get really lazy on days I’ve have a hard time at work or just am plain tired. I’m lucky that most of the time my hubby will have dinner made and ready for me when I get home, but he has those days to. It’s really nice to be able to have that “go to” meal prepared and ready for easy access. So, I am a planner and without a plan on what to eat, we just plain don’t eat well. We’ve tried this on several occasions and in different ways, but the only thing that works is to make a plan. This is easy to do – only takes about 30 minutes or so, plus grocery shopping time. I encourage you to make a plan, prepare your pieces, freeze or bag them for easy access.

Ricotta Lemon Coco-cakes

8 oz. of ricotta cheese (whole milk, as the low fat has added sugar)

4 eggs, separated yolk and whites

2 tbsp of coconut flour (any nut “flour” would work, but I find coconut is the best)

Lemon rind

Dash of salt

Mix cheese, egg yolks, lemon rind and coconut flour together until smooth. Set aside. Whip egg whites and salt until soft peaks form. Fold whipped egg whites into cheese mixture a half a cup at a time, until consistency is similar to thin pancakes or crepes.

Heat skillet to medium heat and cook 1/4 cup of mixer at a time. The flipping of the pancakes will be tricky for the first few tries. You may need to add a little more coconut flour to thicken it up. Serve with a little butter and the lemon is enough of the sweet needed to avoid syrup.


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