Welcome home…lets eat!

Office birthday parties and sugar-induced meetings. These are my weakness (and quiet honestly a huge problem that I am attempting to change in my office…but that is another topic!). Every month, we used to have up to one “celebration” a week for each birthday on the campus I work…This meant more cupcakes, cookies, and “treats” requested by the recipient, effectively throwing all the employees into a sugar-coma by the end of the month.  Why? To celebrate the birth of one of our own – and possibly (maybe being a little dramatic here, but it’s sorta true) leading to a shorter life….

I don’t hate birthdays or the treats associated with, but the big picture of how ingredients included treat our bodies is a fact I haven’t ever thought about in so much depth until now. I hope to share my experiences to those who want to read about them, but mostly this is a lethargic way for me to document this chapter in my life.

I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance about a year ago, and have since been living on what I call my new “lifestyle”. This lifestyle includes eating a healthy and balanced diet of fat, protein and veggies, with the occasional (okay lets be honest, frequent…) addition of complex carbs (your whole wheat stuffs). When I asked my doctor what should I track to make sure I am changing my lifestyle – she said I should experience  relatively significant weight loss. I’ve been able to loose 16 lbs at this point and maintain a consistent weight loss for the last 10 months – and guess what?!?! I have done it alone – as in my hubs has been deployed overseas for the entire time. A change in your eating lifestyle can be done alone, but the challenge really comes when you do it with a partner.

Having just enjoyed a happy homecoming this week, my hubby (the chef) is in full swing with my new “lifestyle”. His classic training and a passion for food is really encouraging me that this will be a great transition. We have committed to making this his next challenge in cooking. I look forward to sharing our experiences, thoughts and mostly recipes with you! The one thing I have had a hard time in finding is real life recipes that I can use. Anything I say here is not intended to be considered medical advice on any level – this is truly just my navigation through this.

On that note, here is my first recipe to share 🙂


It was orginally made as a sandwich, but I took out the bread and there you have it! I had this for dinner and lunch the following day – it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

This makes about 2 servings. Adjust quantity as needed.

4 chicken breast
Veggies and spices of your choice to boil with chicken (I used carrots, onions, celery, salt, pepper and fresh herbs)
Low Carb Yougurt (Chobai is the best I have found)
Curry seasoning
Granny smith apples

Boil your chicken with 4 cups of water and your veggies (as if you were making chicken stock) until chicken is done. Take out of the water and cool; save chicken stock (and veggies if you want to use them for a stew or something later). Once chicken is cooled, shred with a fork and chop to bite sized pieces. You may want to use the chicken stock if the chicken is a little to dry.

To make curry sauce, mix yougurt and curry seasoning to taste (I believe I used 2 cup of yougurt and 6 tbsp of curry seasoning. Try and see what you think you would like). Chop celery and apples into bite sized pieces, about the same size as the chicken.

Mix all chicken, curry sauce, celery and apples together and serve over lettuce or a small amount of whole grain rice.


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