On this day in 2010…

Souther arrivalI saw a Facebook notification on the side bar today indicating that “on this day in 2010” we were finalizing our road trip to the East Coast. I got to reminiscing about the thoughts and feelings we were experiencing: we had spent 17 days in the car with four animals, living out of hotels. It was a beautiful, yet bitter sweet drive across the country. The first meeting we had as soon as were arrived was with a realtor. Checking in to our hotel, we set out to relax and enjoy our new home – well, at the time we did not know we would end up in Florida, but staying on Fernandina Beach, it was close enough.

The realtor set us up with a cute house in a neighborhood very close to the base where Joe would be working, but it never felt like “home”. I tried as I could to make it feel warm and cozy, but I don’t think I ever really achieved it. Our goals were set much higher than that house could offer. We were buying a house, and that would never be it.

It’s hard to imagine that we were so naive to think that Joe would be here for the entire three years of shore duty. I am very proud of my husband, for more reasons that I can say, but one reason is that he is an excellent sailor. He was even up for Sailor of the quarter within six months of being stationed in Kings Bay. Because of this, from now one, I do not assume ANYTHING will stay the same for long. Joe was “volunteered” for duty overseas as an individual augmentee from his current command. “It was never supposed to happen to us” was my first thought. Honestly, I was devastated – with the new house and all that come with it, it was a hard hit to take.

Shortly after being told he would be gone almost a year, I was offered a job that I had been searching for since college. It was a perfect job, 10 minutes away from my house and doing the work I had studied four years for. Of course, I took it in a heart beat!

It’s hard to imagine that one year ago our thoughts and feelings about this new place we were going to are so difference than what we are experiencing today. It’s more and better.


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