Home Sweet Home…almost

During what can be considered the worst economic time of our generation, my husband and I choose to see the silver lining in the muck. We choose to buy a house – and make a home of North Florida. Our new home is beautiful! While that is probably a biased opinion, I can honestly say with all the energy I have, I do love this house. This could be based on the fact we were involved from the inception of the home, down to the choice of what fixtures to add to the doors. It was not as stressful as one may think.

It started in October. We were toying (read: broke from the move here and really no clue what we were getting into) with the idea of buying a home in the beautiful town of Yulee. A note on this “city” I have recently learned, it is actually unincorporated (wonder if that is the correct term?) area – it has no city government, it is “run” by the county. In passing through Yulee to my former position on Amelia Island, I did not think much of it except for the fact there was  Target and Starbucks – two facilities that I have become used to seeing in mass while living in Southern California.

While we scoped out the several areas of town in which home builders were actually operating, we became very attached to the area close to the Target shopping area – I would hope it would be reasons other than Target, especially since I do not frequent the store as often as I anticipated! While the community we chose was lacking the the seemingly obvious feature, a pool or community area, it was not important to us as getting the most house for the budget we set out. And that is exactly what we got!

The process all began when we signed on the dotted line – agreeing to buy the house (of course upon approval credit wise). My  supervisor at the time said it best the day before we went to sign on that line. In the most admiring way exclaimed “Congratulations on going to get the most debt you will have in your life!” It was a daunting thought, to be that much in “debt” – would we be comfortable with that for the next 30 plus years? Absolutely!! Grinning from ear to ear, we walked proudly into that office on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. And we walked out 5 hours later with over 100 pages of documents reviewed and signed….Then came the six month wait.


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