And on to the next…

Day 1 of our move was yesterday. It began way early, as I was unable to sleep and promptly woke up at 5 am. In true panic mode, we were up and moving by 6 am cleaning and packing out the car….for the movers to do their job we were actually not even allowed to pack anything that was being shipped. It was so nice!

After dropping of three of the animals to board them for the day, lest we would have shipping them with our household goods…..I arrived back at the house to a sea full of packing paper, boxes and four people in a packing frenzy…they were in charge of the shipment. Feeling useless as they did not need my help and I was mostly in the way, we enjoyed our fast food breakfast and were very calm. All in all the process took about 4 hours to complete and they were even detailed enough to inventory ALL our items for us. If there is one thing the military does, it’s hire great people to handle details.

Once the movers we gone, J and I looked at each other dumbfounded…We had an empty house, four animals and a car full of stuff for our 16 day road trip. What were we to do, but sleep? We have been blessed with wonderful friends, who have amazing hearts and have really stepped up to help in the past few months. With that being said, I am horrible at goodbyes. Several friends wanted to do something great, fun and fantastic for our last night in San Diego – but I could not bear having to say goodbye. It’s a lot harder than I thought.

So, we packed it in for the night and watched a movie together. It was quiet, sad and yet exciting to be able to talk about what is happening. I don’t think up until that point we really had. This is an adventure and I intend on enjoying it, knowing full well we will be back to California for visits. I think it even needs to be said that we will be okay wherever we go – naturally we are adaptable and change is good. While cliche, it’s a good thing to remind ourselves of from time to time.


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