One more week to go…

As we are waiting for the movers, re painting and cleaning, it’s getting easier to grasp that we will be leaving this place soon. It’s our home. This is where we met, got married and started our lives together. Not to mention, I have lived here my whole life. I know it’s going to be an adjustment, and I am finally ready to accept that.

Since we are making a vacation out of the time we are moving, our journey will be including our four furbabies. There are the kitties, Mollison and Ginger. They are 4 years old, and as I raised them, I traveled in the car often in anticipation of this move. Then we have Mua – She is an energetic Italian Greyhound/Terrier mix, who is surprisingly well behaved in the car and can curl up comfortably for hours. Then….we have Miles. He’s our recent addition to the family; an adorable Chihuahua Pekinese mix who is just adorable! The only problem – he’s young and has been vulnerable to mange….and is in the middle of an episode. 😦 So, in addition to him having to take several breaks on the road, he will be needing to take meds and baths often.

But, what I have found is patience will get us through. We are ready!

It’s a slow process, I do not mind taking my time with friends and family. It’s also nice to have a definite plan to come back. For now, we are enjoying our last five days!


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