Time is ticking away …

So, after this weekend we will have two months until we leave for Georgia!!! The move hasn’t even happened yet, but for anyone who is going to make a move this season – all I can say is plan, Plan, PLAN! It’s soooo important! And I have to say it saves you a TON of money! I started to plan the SECOND we got orders – I know, a little OCD, but it’s in my nature. I have so much detail about our trip so far, there are even a few things I have learned about.

1) Talk to your Relocation Support Groups… Don’t know where to find them? Look them up (for Navy) with Fleet and Family Support. These wonderful men and women are there to help you find everything you need to know about a PCS move, and even somethings we didn’t! Looks like (crosses fingers) the Navy may pay us an extra $1900 for the move! Go figure!

2) If you are going to drive, make your reservations early! We are traveling during the summer, and many of the places we are looking to camp or lodge are already full, and it’s only May! It takes a bit of prep regarding your route, but it will be worth it.

3) Pets: This is my biggest worry right now. I have three animals that will be traveling and therefore taking up my time and energy, not unlike children in many ways.  I have read online several things that seem to be promising. Pet hotels and accommodations are expensive! Look for no charge, or one time fee per stay places (Motel 6 … so far – no charges!).  More on this subject after the vet visit – which even if your animals are healthy, is a must! The vet can tell you what to expect with your animals, how to handle certain situations and just give you an overall bill of health to present if you are crossing state lines. Some states do require you have documentation that your pets are vaccinated. Be sure to keep copies of their health records, just like you should keep a copy of yours.

For now, my trip is “planned”. We are even getting detailed as to what to eat along the way! Our intention is to make food along the way (as my husband is a chef) using a deep covered baking pan, microwave and a few utentils. THAT alone will be an adventure!

More to come – SIX weeks and countin’


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