Counting down…

What to say, when you have nothing else to add? Yesterday I heard a song on the radio talking about the only way a boy’s father knew how to say I love you. He was checking his car, making sure he called his mom on the road…it was that he was leaving and his father was not able to utter those words.

It almost made me cry. There was something so personal about that song that caught my attention and gave me a gripping feeling in my chest. For the moment I contemplated the meaning of the song, I felt as if I could not breathe. It’s must have been the realization that as of yesterday, we have three months before we leave everything I know for the frightening place I know nothing about. It scares me to think that in two months, I will be leaving a job I love so much… and that I will have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

What I feel most compelled to do right now is plan our vacation/road trip to Georgia. We are taking two weeks or driving across the country and seeing some of the most amazing places we have to offer. I hope that with the excitement of that trip and the idea of traveling to the other side of the country will be enough to get me motivated for the last time we have to spend living in America’s Finest City.


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