The day before a homecoming is an interesting one to say the least. You feel a million different emotions that cannot really be qualified by anyone in your life, expect the women going through it with you. A close friend equated it to having your head in the clouds, weightless in your every movement – like you are living in a dream.
When you have gone through enough time away from your significant other, you feel a myriad of emotions through the time that all come to a point in those final hours. I have felt anger, rejection and sometimes hatred – but I have also experienced bliss, comfort and elation beyond recognition in this 6 months away from the man I love most in this world.
Today, I have a pit in my stomach caused by nervousness, anxiety and maybe just not being able to eat a decent meal in three days! I want this day to fly by and it’s going at a glacial pace – which is starting to irritate me as well. Trying to balance that irritation with the happiness I know I will be feeling in less than 24 hours …. it’s exhausting and I want to sleep!!!
A restless night of sleep last night is not helping the situation in any way either. It was either my cats scratching or dog’s name tag jingling, but the smallest things woke me last night to the point where I probably got a good  3 hours sleep and am now, on top of the feelings I am having – sleep deprived…
When I see him tomorrow, it will be a moment portrayed often in storybook romance movies: She stands at the end of the pier, watching as the submarine is pulled into the pier by a tug boat, while her husband stands atop watching her from the distance. So much time has gone by, and now with mere feet between them, they both feel like time has stopped and they are not moving. Mere minutes pass, but the time feels as if they had been waiting for hours. Finally, the boat is docked and tied to the pier. They patiently wait for the newest baby to meet her daddy for the first time – she is three months old now. Then it’s the first kiss – a symbolic gesture as a result of a fundraiser we hold every year. Then, shivering in the cold air, she is allowed to walk down the pier to find her husband in the sea of dressed sailors. In the heat of the moment, she cannot differentiate one from another, but he can.When he finds her, it’s a reunion that stops time for them right there – the kiss that could last forever in their minds.
Oh, I can dream can’t I?

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