As the weekend winds down….

I am contemplating what it is that I should be worrying about. My husband comes home in a little over a week and I am calm….no panic, no worry about anything. And yet, there are those who do – Im worried I am not worried enough! Who does that?

I mean the house is as clean as it’s going to be. The bathroom an adventure today – two hours to clean this little space! But it needed it apparently. His gift is not set up yet, but the good wife thing to do is to not use it until he comes home….so I am PATIENTLY waiting to set up his 32″ TV that has been starting at me in the face for three weeks.

Literally – the box is a blatant ploy for men, like my husband, who enjoy looking at a pretty good looking, okay albeit GORGEOUS brunette woman with perfect brown eyes and a great, sexy smile….Really, really?? I wonder who the TV gurus are marketing to?

Anyway, she has been staring at me longingly for three long weeks – including the times my friends have been over, to watch TV….and they have to endure this pain too. It’s going to be worth it, I tell myself. He will be impressed and surprised about our ability to restrain…..And restrain I will until the day before he comes home.

Thank gooness for Hulu though, because – now that I know I can and will have better quality oh so soon – Hulu has saved me from watching TV any longer on the handme down TV that J got from an old friend of his. Bless his soul, he loved this guy like a brother – but the TV is hanging over the edge of our entertainment center. So much so that the cable guy said he would not walk close to it if he had a choice….not a good sign.

It will be over soon – but I think I will still enjoy Hulu, as many of my favorite shows are aired, and J just doesn’t have to watch them. He can play Xbox or Wii while I watch “tv”….Im imagining this of course in a perfect world.

In any case, I should not worry about anything for now. It’s been a long 6 months and he’s coming home, finally. There will be nothing to worry about except what to wear the second I see him. That is still a mystery.


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