It’s almost time

For Christmas, for my jewelry shows….and most importantly for my husband to come home! I think this weekend was the most productive and best communication weekend I have had in 6 months.

He pulled into Guam and of course, I had his phone turned on especially for him to talk to me. This first question I have gotten is “Why I would resort to paying $.69 a minute to talk to my husband?”…. Well lets see, I have not heard his voice in over 50 days and his phone has been off all wes pac. As a woman who needs a little, well a lot I guess, control in her life – the benefits significantly outweighed the costs…..Economics 101.

So, we talked it up this weekend – I am anticipating Verizon will be satisfied with us as customers come January and our bill arrives. In any case, we talked for hours probably – plus the revolution of Skype has taken us as well and we were able to video chat for a significant amount of time Saturday night before both of us passed out from exhaustion.

All in all – Communication was perfect this weekend. A happy change from what we have gone through and now, only merely two weeks (give or take) till he’s home for good.

I have much planning to attend to over the next few weeks. My business ventures are taking precedence today and next Thursday with home shows. That will be a happy distraction. These home shows are interesting because I sometimes feel like I have two jobs….but when I look at it, the jewelry business is more of a hobby for me to keep myself occupied while he is deployed. That is really when the business shines for me. Although, in these times – any extra money is great and obviously I enjoy that I can have a little extra coming in….which just is spent on my habit – the jewelry it self! It’s a vicious cycle I need to break, but there are so many great styles that are introduced, it’s hard not to….but I need to resist. It’s resolution for the new year.

This weekend was also spent baking to keep my house warm as we do not have a central heater, and living by the beach it can get really chilly at night. A loaf of beer bread, ginger bread cookies and large serving of cranberry salsa -yummmm- later, I am still not done. With butter cookies and stuffing still on the menu for the week, I have my work cut out for me this week.

For those adventurous types – Cranberry Salsa
1 package of fresh cranberries (16 ounces)
– Prepare as package indicate
Add generous amounts of the following ingredients until your desired flavoring emerges
Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, Cumin, Oranges (for the truly daring).
Serve with chips or on a turkey sandwich!
Enjoy even after the holidays!

In addition, I am hunting for a Christmas tree this weekend and it has to be an environmentally sound one. As far as I know, Home Depot trees are just that – they replant a tree in place for the one you are purchasing. It’s as good as I can get – but I am satisfied. I love the smell of Christmas, especially this year.


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