About My Thoughts

professional profileThis blog has been a passion project for me many years in the making [….you’ll note my first blog to this beauty was in 2009!]. I am so excited to be turning this into a “hub” for all my projects.

My name is Nicole and you can learn more about me here. You’ll discover that I am a military mommy, spouse, entrepreneur, and serial volunteer with a real passion for helping people. But why are you here?

Maybe you are a mommy too, looking for guidance, support and encouragement for “doing it all” and having your passion shine. You are not alone – I’m right there with you!

Or, maybe you are a military spouse getting ready to move with the spouse you’ve dedicated your life to, and the new “home” is nowhere you have ever been or imagined living. Or you have to say the hard see you laters as you’re sending your spouse into the unknown. I know the feeling!

Maybe you are a small business owner who is need of a special talent for writing your business materials, website, blog or newsletters? I can help you out!

If you are here for the entertainment of it all, you can read my all to personal blog and let me know what your thoughts are. I always love to hear from folks!

And on that note – let’s have some fun!



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